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Join the event for a chance to win STRICO!

※ AirDrop event rewards will be sent to your WEMIX Wallet account after the official launch.
※ Winners will be announced in the official community. (Facebook, Discord etc.)

STRICO is a blockchain based utility token for Champion Strike: Crypto Arena in the WEMIX Platform that can be exchanged, transferred, and stored in/out of game.

  1. The intrinsic value of STRICO tokens are guaranteed by the value of resources in game.
  2. STRICO tokens can be exchanged using STAR at the Exchange in game.
  3. The amount of STAR needed to exchange for STRICO can vary according to exchange rates.
  4. The number of STRICO that can be exchanged in a day is limited during different periods.
  5. STRICO can be purchased with WEMIX tokens at the DEX in the WEMIX Wallet.